what they don't say (enough)

Distortions and omissions in the diabetes discourse are a recurring theme here - usually how:
My top-of-mind short list for the biggest diabetes information gaps* includes: 
In short, diabetes usually cannot be resolved by, as one pharmaceutical company shamelessly touts, "simple changes."

Of course, those of us with type 2 diabetes have it "easy." Those with type 1 can match all of the above point for point (with some variation) besides being burdened with:
  • fewer treatment options 
  • a more painstaking, invasive, and wearying—and typically decades longer—self-care routine
  • immediate and potentially mortal risks that can come from monitoring and treatment errors
Cheery thoughts for a sunny winter's day! Well, they asked.*

Good heath and good luck,

* This theme was suggested by an online survey for people affected by diabetes to gather "missing" information—"gaps" in what we hear and read—to incorporate into educational videos. WEGO Health, a platform for online health activists, made donations to diabetes organizations as part of their survey promotion. I didn't know much about the sponsors at the time, but thought they were asking the right questions. Edited from the original post: 2012-02-03.